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Re: Debian companies group

On 04/09/13 16:14, Michael Meskes wrote:
>> You do not found a peer group by inventing random rules meant to exclude
> Please get the facts straight. A group of companies can only be build by
> companies, not by random people. And somehow the entity "company" has to be
> defined.

Most importantly, what is the aim of picking a random size limit?

And where else defines "company" as "one DD and at least 10 people on
staff"?  I think being a company is about other things, not who and how
many workers you have on contract - how would you cope with companies
which meet your artificial number by using zero-hours contracts?

I think sometimes "company" can be defined as a legal person: that is, a
corporation or group which acts similar to a corporation in key ways.
That seems a better starting point than numbers of staff, unless there's
some other reason behind it.

>> > people. Even less so in a Debian eco-system which is built on the spirit
>> > of transparency and the ability of welcoming everyone.
> Maybe, but then there is no company peer group so far, so we lack the
> experience to say how it works best. 

Should we look at a list where many of the members are representing,
controlling and/or acting for companies?  Like someone said: the
debian-consultants list exists, doesn't it? ;-) So maybe experiment
there and what works for those companies may suggest similar tactics
that could work for these companies.

At the moment, the debian-companies list feels like a solution to no
problem yet occurring and that's partly why it has only 4 members.

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