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Re: Authorizing minor expenses by DSA without prior DPL approval

Lucas Nussbaum writes ("Authorizing minor expenses by DSA without prior DPL approval"):
> Context: according to Constitution §5.1.10:
>   The Project Leader may:
>   [...]
>   In consultation with the developers, make decisions affecting property
>   held in trust for purposes related to Debian. (See §9.). Such
>   decisions are communicated to the members by the Project Leader or
>   their Delegate(s). Major expenditures should be proposed and debated on
>   the mailing list before funds are disbursed.
> The current procedure is that they ask for leader@ approval before
> making the expense. Even if I try hard to act quickly on such requests,
> it still requires a round-trip of emails that slows down their work
> (look up the exact price, send mail, wait for approval, go back to make
> the purchase).

I can see that this is not really workable.

> I would like to change that process to:
>   DSA is allowed to make expenses for up to USD 300 (total) every
>   7 days to support the operation of Debian infrastructure (pay shipping
>   costs, purchase of cheap hardware such as cables, replacement disk,
>   etc.).

To be clear: are you proposing to make a Decision under Constitution
5.1.10, or to amend the Constitution ?  I don't think the latter is
needed.  I think you can do this as a Decision.

If we are to amend the Constitution because you think it doesn't give
sufficient authority then the wording should be much more general.
The Constitutional situation should be (and I think is) that you as
DPL can (together with the trusted organisation) set out processes as
you wish.

I also agree with Steve Langasek's complaint that US$300/week is a
lot.  Perhaps what you want is simply to say that:
 - a limited amount may be spent by DSA for Debian's infrastructure
   without prior approval
 - these expenses will be paid after they are approved, provided that
 - the total outstanding amount spent in advance of approval is
   not ever more than US$300


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