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Re: Authorizing minor expenses by DSA without prior DPL approval

. o O ( so many mails for an attempt at simplifying a workflow :)  )

On 20/08/13 at 16:03 +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> To be clear: are you proposing to make a Decision under Constitution
> 5.1.10, or to amend the Constitution ?  I don't think the latter is
> needed.  I think you can do this as a Decision.

Yes, I'm only proposing to make a decision.

> If we are to amend the Constitution because you think it doesn't give
> sufficient authority then the wording should be much more general.
> The Constitutional situation should be (and I think is) that you as
> DPL can (together with the trusted organisation) set out processes as
> you wish.
> I also agree with Steve Langasek's complaint that US$300/week is a
> lot.  Perhaps what you want is simply to say that:
>  - a limited amount may be spent by DSA for Debian's infrastructure
>    without prior approval
>  - these expenses will be paid after they are approved, provided that
>  - the total outstanding amount spent in advance of approval is
>    not ever more than US$300

I like this idea of "max outstanding of $300" instead of an explicit
time limit. But I think that your proposal makes it possible for DSA to
not get reimbursed if the DPL is grumpy and decides not to approve the
expense. I would rather use "DPL acknowledgement" than "DPL approval".

So, new proposal:
  DSA is allowed to make expenses and get reimbursed by Trusted
  Organizations for up to US$300 to support the operation of Debian
  infrastructure (pay shipping costs, purchase of cheap hardware such as
  cables, replacement disk, etc.).

  leader@ and auditor@ must be notified of the expense as soon as
  possible (typically, just after the expense is made, at the same
  time as asking a Trusted Organization's treasurer for reimbursement).

  The DPL will acknowledge those notifications to DSA. The total
  outstanding amount spent in advance of DPL acknowledgement must never
  be more than US$300.

  This process can be revoked at any time by the DPL, but that
  revocation does not affect the reimbursement of expenses that have
  already been notified.

That also has the advantage that DPL acknowledgement acts as a "brake".

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