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Re: when/how DDs can use the Debian name

>> I would also feel it inappropriate to go somewhere and state that I
>> represented Debian in any way except the narrow areas of the project
>> where I participate.
> I think this may be a bit too narrow. There have been cases in the past
> where people invited me as a speaker to give an introductory talk about
> "Debian", or even about "Free Software" or "Open Source" in general. In
> all those cases, I was introduced or listed on the schedule as "Debian
> Developer", which made it easier for people to understand what my
> background and point of view was. Though that hasn't happened yet, I
> could imagine me being listed that way even if the talk itself wouldn't
> actually be related to Debian, and I don't think that'd be inappropriate.

Agreed - I wasn't thinking about a context where I promote (insert
private product name) or whatever.  The question specifically relates to
talks that focus on the role of free software in whatever industry/context.

My own feeling is that Debian is constituted as "an association of
individuals" and that when DDs do some public activity in their Debian
t-shirt or using a Debian email address, it is not comparable to
somebody acting on behalf of a company/employer.  Speaking about free
software at a conference may simply be an extension of this same logic -
but I thought I would speculate about it on debian-project to see if
there was anybody with significant reservations about this.



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