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Re: when/how DDs can use the Debian name

On 02-06-13 21:15, Stephen Gran wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, Daniel Pocock said:
>> There are many places where a DD may have an opportunity to use the
>> Debian name in a public sense.
>> However, I just want to seek some clarification about this
> I don't think we have any guidelines, and I don't think we want to write
> completely proscriptive guidelines about this, do we?
>> For example, if somebody is talking at some non-Debian IT event, and
>> they need to specify their organisation and position on their profile
>> could they simply put:
>>   Organisation:  Debian
>>   Position:      Debian Developer
>> or is this a privilege that is only reserved for office holders and
>> potentially the DPL's delegates?
> It's certainly not reserved.  Maybe some common sense - is there
> some reason to use Debian's name?  I would personally feel like it was
> inappropriate to use Debian's name to lend weight to a talk/paper/argument
> I was making when that talk/paper/argument wasn't actually about Debian.

Agreed with that bit.

> I would also feel it inappropriate to go somewhere and state that I
> represented Debian in any way except the narrow areas of the project
> where I participate.

I think this may be a bit too narrow. There have been cases in the past
where people invited me as a speaker to give an introductory talk about
"Debian", or even about "Free Software" or "Open Source" in general. In
all those cases, I was introduced or listed on the schedule as "Debian
Developer", which made it easier for people to understand what my
background and point of view was. Though that hasn't happened yet, I
could imagine me being listed that way even if the talk itself wouldn't
actually be related to Debian, and I don't think that'd be inappropriate.

Additionally, the fact that I'm a Debian Developer has been on my CV for
about the time that has been the case.

I think it's fair to claim to be a Debian Developer as long as making
that claim can't be interpreted as a statement for something that would
be counter to Debian's goals or philosophies. As long as you keep that
in mind and use some common sense, I don't think we need to worry about
it too much.

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