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Re: Code of Conduct 2nd draft

On Friday, May 24, 2013 10:02:24, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> On 24-05-13 14:57, Jonathan Dowland wrote:

> To do all this, I've been considering splitting it all up into several
> pieces:
> - One bit which would be the actual "code of conduct" and which would be
>   as independent as possible of the medium used. This would only be
>   about "conduct", not about form.

I'm taking the time to read through the various Code of Conduct materials that 
Stefano pointed to, and I think there was also previous efforts to bring a 
more global CoC to Debian before which I'd like to find and read if such 
exists.  [At the moment I just have a vague memory of seeing something along 
these lines.]

I think what I'd like to do is come up with a CoC draft using these documents 
as well, in order to add something substantive to the discussion.  

> Doing that will take some time, though, so it will probably take a few
> days for me to come up with that.

This is likewise taking me time to do.

  -- Chris

Chris Knadle

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