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Re: 2nd draft (was: Re: Revising the Code of Conduct)

On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 4:52 AM, Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> wrote:
> So, some updates:
> On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 11:59:06AM -0400, Brian Gupta wrote:
>> I'm wondering if there can be a guidelines/advice section also? For
>> example, perhaps we want to capture something along the lines of (The
>> wording needs a ton of tweaking): Please remember that Debian is a
>> multicultural organization, with members from around the world, who
>> speak a variety of native languages. Please think twice about how
>> someone might take your words in the context of their own culture. In
>> all cases, please remain respectful and professional in your dealings
>> with other project members, especially if you do not know them well.
>> Conversely, when reading communications from other project members, do
>> bear in mind cultural differences.
> I'm slightly reluctant to add too much non-normative content to any CoC.
> It's supposed a "Code", not "Guide" of conduct; as such, it should only
> contain the things that we really really think are necessary.
> However, I do note that the version of the draft that I sent was
> slightly older than what I'd been writing; I had a bit more language in
> the penultimate paragraph about "assume good faith" and similar things.
> The draft at the end of this mail contains it.
> Does that alleviate your concerns?

Looks good! Thanks for working on this. I've added minor comments
inline the draft below.

> New draft:
> ---
> # Debian mailing list Code of Conduct
> The Debian mailing lists exist to foster the development and use of
> Debian. This Code of Conduct exists to help towards that goal.
> Participants in discussions on Debian mailing lists should follow
> these rules:
> 1. You're welcome to use our mailing lists to ask questions, but
>    please use the most appropriate list you can see.  If you are
>    unsure, use debian-user for support-related questions, or
>    debian-mentors for development-related questions.  Be prepared to
>    ask your question on a different list if told to do so, and
>    mention that it is a resent question.
> 2. Avoid flaming, cursing and other abusive or disrespectful
>    behaviour as much as you can.  That usually distracts from the
>    real discussion and is not constructive.

"as much as you can" seems unnecessary? IE: "Avoid flaming, cursing
and other abusive or disrespectful behaviour." seems a complete

> 3. Use the correct language when sending mails to our lists. This is
>    usually English, unless otherwise noted in the description of the
>    mailing list in question.
> 4. You should check whether to reply to the List-Post address only, or
>    whether the original author would like to be a Cc recipient. This may
>    be indicated in the non-standard Mail-Followup-To header.

This is a pretty technical distinction. We should consider providing a
link to instructions on how to do so, or simplifying it, as I suspect
this is likely to be inadvertently violated by many. (For example, I
personally don't know how to go about following this instruction.)

> 5. If you wish to be part of a discussion, you should preferably
>    subscribe to the relevant mailing list, even if only temporarily. If
>    you choose not to, you should remember that you may lose out on part
>    of the discussion, even if you explicitly asked to be copied on
>    replies.
> 6. You should avoid sending attachments; this generates a lot of
>    unnecessary bandwidth on our listservers. Instead, put the file you
>    would like to attach online somewhere and post a link.
> 7. Please ensure that your mail system never sends automatic replies to
>    the list. If you do, listmasters may remove you from the list with
>    immediate effect to avoid flooding or annoying participants. You may
>    resubscribe when the automatic messages have been disabled.
> 8. Replies to a post on a mailing list should, in general, go to the same
>    mailing list. Do not send private replies, unless posting something
>    sensitive. Do not change the mailing list, unless you are posting
>    something that is no longer relevant to the original discussion and
>    clearly off-topic for the mailing list where it is being discussed.
> 9. Try to go for quality, not quantity. While it may be tempting to send
>    a large amount of email with repeated arguments to a thread about a
>    subject that is dear to you, this usually doesn't help the
>    discussion.
> While these rules should be adhered to by participants, we recognize
> that sometimes people may have a bad day, or be unaware of some of the
> rules in this code of conduct. When that happens, you may reply to them
> and point out this code of conduct. Such messages may be on the list or
> off the list, whatever is most appropriate. However, regardless of
> whether the message is on- or off-list, it should still adhere to the
> relevant parts of this code of conduct; in particular, it should not be
> abusive or disrespectful. Assume good faith; it is more likely that
> participants are unaware of their bad behaviour than that they
> intentionally try to degrade the quality of the discussion.
> Repeated offenders may be temporarily or permanently banned from posting
> to our mailing lists at the Debian listmasters' prerogative.
> # Further reading
> <link to dcg>
> <link to docmuentation on what to do in case of technical problems>
> (possibly more links?)
> ---
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