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Re: Revising the Code of Conduct

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> (21/05/2013):
> I've noticed the same pattern as Steve, and it bothers me too, which
> means I probably should say something rather than letting this look
> like something between you and him.  Your interactions on
> debian-devel when you do post there, which indeed isn't too
> frequently, usually come across as quite angry and confrontational
> and, yes, abusive.
> I *think* this is largely because you mostly post to debian-devel
> when something is getting in your way or interfering with something
> you're trying to get done (at least, that's my impression of most of
> the cases I remember).  If I'm right, that means you mostly post in
> a frustrated mood.  But, that being said, it makes me cringe, and I
> really wish you would rephrase the way that you post there.  I've
> gotten to the point where I dread reading a debian-devel thread when
> your name shows up in the list of senders, and I don't want to feel
> that way!  You do lots of great work on TeX packaging, something
> that I care quite a bit about, and I want to look forward to reading
> your posts.

I concur with Steve and Russ.

As someone who routinely gets frustrated, unamused, or otherwise
amazingly annoyed by things I encounter, I tend to just write a
reply, stash it in the postponed folder, and only revisit after a
while (this may mean minutes, hours, or days). Rewriting things after
the fact, eventually dropping the mail altogether if someone gave a
satisfactory or better reply in the meanwhile (that's often Russ),
probably leads to better results than satisfying the need for a reply
*right now*, when one might not be in the best mood or state of mind
to reply. At least I like to think it works for me…


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