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Future of DPL helpers / meeting on 2013-04-23

as I wrote during the campaign, I plan to continue the DPL helpers initiative. 

My "vision" for it is a team that drives or monitors important changes inside 
the project. That team would be informal (similarly to the QA team): everybody 
can feel welcomed, "join", have various/different level of involvements, etc.

I do not see that team as something closely related to the role of the DPL.
Some tasks are related to sharing the DPL workload, but most of them are not.
For now, I will act as a "chair" for that group, but it's a role I consider 
giving away in the future.

For that reason, I think that the current name of "DPL helpers" carries a 
suboptimal idea (esp. since some people have been joking about it being "DPL 
slaves/minions"). It's not about helping the DPL, but about helping the 

During the campaign, I proposed to rename the team to "Debian Driving Force". 
I agree that a more modest name could be better. Maybe "Debian Driving Group".
Another option that has been proposed is "Debian Board" (one problem I see 
with that is that Board carries an "official" meaning). Any other ideas?
(we will discuss that during the next meeting anyway)

As previously announced, the next meeting is tomorrow. [0]
I've put the agenda on titanpad[1]. If you are listed on one of the pending 
actions, it would be great if you could describe its status, and the possible 
points needing discussion on titanpad (That should allow to be more efficient
during the meeting).
Also, feel free to add other points to discuss during the meeting.

[0] April 23, 17 UTC: date -d @1366736400
[1] http://titanpad.com/debiandpl-20130423



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