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Re: Future of DPL helpers / meeting on 2013-04-23

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 09:34:31PM +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> For that reason, I think that the current name of "DPL helpers" carries a 
> suboptimal idea (esp. since some people have been joking about it being "DPL 
> slaves/minions"). It's not about helping the DPL, but about helping the 
> project.


> During the campaign, I proposed to rename the team to "Debian Driving Force". 
> I agree that a more modest name could be better. Maybe "Debian Driving Group".
> Another option that has been proposed is "Debian Board" (one problem I see 
> with that is that Board carries an "official" meaning). Any other ideas?
> (we will discuss that during the next meeting anyway)

I think "Debian Board" is just the perfect name (and the one I also
planned to suggest after your observations on the old naming :-)) for
the group of people helping with DPL-ish task on a regular basis. That
kind of job is exactly what "boards" usually does, both in terms of
helping with day-to-day tasks and in terms of helping pushing more
substantial changes.

I don't think the fact that _this_ specific board is not something
"official" is a problem at all, given no special "powers" are associated
to helping out (unless the DPL formally delegates someone, but in that
case the more appropriate official term already exists: "DPL delegate").

Just my 0.02€,
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