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Re: Dealing with ITS abuse

Russ Allbery writes ("Re: Dealing with ITS abuse"):
> Most of the sanctions Debian can take are various forms of temporary or
> permanent revocation of privileges.  When it comes to abusive discussion
> in public places, suspending someone's ability to use that place of
> discussion is an obvious possibility.  If the problem is related to
> maintenance of a specific package, the Technical Committee can change the
> maintainership of the package (although I don't recall if that's been
> done).

I don't recall the TC ever changing the maintainership of a package
because of abusive communications by the maintainer.  Or indeed, ever,
apart from in one exceptional case where the existing maintainer
intended to remove the package and the TC gave the package to someone
who wanted to become the maintainer so it could be kept.


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