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Re: ditching the official use logo?

On Mon, Oct 01, 2012 at 03:10:44PM +0200, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> I agree with the idea of discontinuing the 'official use' logo (remove it
> from the logo page and/or moving it to the 'other promotional images'
> section), but not before relicensing it to the same free terms as the
> 'open use' logo. This would mean that any remaining existing use is hereby
> sanctioned under the broader terms, or that someone who finds a use for it
> may to so under free conditions.

I'm not sure I follow your reasoning.

The status quo is that we advertise as "official use" logo, something
which goes against our own free content guidelines. That is not good for
our public image, I think, and that's why I'd like to discontinue
promoting that logo.

Your requirement to stop promoting the logo (i.e. relicensing) seems to
imply that you prefer the status quo (promotion + non-free licensing)
over an alternative scenario (stop promotion + non-free licensing) that
seems much better to me.  I'm not particularly thrilled at having to go
through, myself, another round of bureaucratic procedure with SPI to do
the relicensing; which is another reason why I'd prefer stop promotion,
not caring about the relicensing of something that very few people in
the world use anyhow.

Beside, those few people in the world that do use that logo, are doing
so in good faith under the assumption that they are somewhat
"privileged" and allowed to use that logo. Today, we might think that
giving that privilege was a bad idea. But that doesn't turn the act of
voiding that privilege abruptly into a nice thing to do, to people who
have trusted our licensing terms up to now, IMHO.

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