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Re: Debian with Gnome 2 ?

Dear Josselin Mouette,

You warmed my Winter and made my day!
Thank you so much!
I spent another night fighting some strange bugs here and there and I will maybe just go for Debian with Gnome!

On 19/09/12 16:15, Josselin Mouette wrote:
Le dimanche 16 septembre 2012 Г  13:51 +0300, Ka Hay a Г©crit :
Unfortunately, with Ubuntu again, I was unable to start that famous
fallback mode. I followed every step of every instruction that I found,
re-installing the linux in the mean time and no luck, Sir, it just did
not like me.  I am not so stupid for a girl but I had no luck at all.
Debian is not Ubuntu. In Debian the “GNOME Classic” mode is available
right from the login manager, and it is here in the default install.

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