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Re: Feedback on your Whois system proposal - Was: Re: Review of personal information sources in Debian


A bit more details about FOAF.

Olivier Berger <olivier.berger@it-sudparis.eu> writes:

> Also may I suggest to think about adding a FOAF profile [1] and similar
> machine-processable (RDF based, for interoperability benefits) documents
> in addition to human readable ones, so that one can aggregate his debian
> whois with other forms of personnal profiles.
> For instance, I'm already linking in my WebID (which is FOAF based) [3]
> my other "identities" at ohloh, on bibliographic indexes, or other
> forges.
> There's a plugin for FusionForge that provides FOAF descriptions of
> accounts that could be used to provide a feed for consumption in your
> tool, provided it was installed on alioth.
> Of course, you may achieve same results without FOAF and RDF, but the
> great thing about these standards is that anyone can mix these sources
> with others and mesh a Semantic Web of people profiles for many use
> cases. Interoperability :-)

Oh, and I forgot that I had added to http://people.debian.org/~obergix/
a link (<link rel="meta" type="application/rdf+xml" title="FOAF" ...) to
my "Debian FOAF profile" : <http://people.debian.org/~obergix/foaf.rdf>

In there, you'll find the following (converted to turtle) :

    a foaf:Person ;
    rdfs:seeAlso <http://www-public.it-sudparis.eu/~berger_o/foaf.rdf>, <http://www.olivierberger.org/foaf.rdf> ;
    owl:sameAs <http://www-public.it-sudparis.eu/~berger_o/foaf.rdf#me>, <http://www.olivierberger.org/foaf.rdf#me> ;
    foaf:family_name "Berger" ;
    foaf:givenname "Olivier" ;
    foaf:homepage <http://people.debian.org/~obergix/> ;
    foaf:made <http://people.debian.org/~obergix/foaf.rdf> ;
    foaf:mbox "mailto:obergix@debian.org"; ;
    foaf:mbox_sha1sum "20405e51683655b67655e50b2e46fb0f43fd5b5f" ;
    foaf:name "Olivier Berger" ;
    foaf:nick "obergix" ;
    foaf:pubkeyAddress <http://pgp.mit.edu:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xE941DEDA7C5BB6A5> .

Which is the FOAF that could serve as a WebID for me connecting (SSO) to
the Debian services, as well as an authoritative source of details about
me in Debian.

Just as this Debian FOAF profile of mine declares (owl:sameAs) I'm also
described by other FOAF profiles (in other projects, at home, at work or
on identi.ca, etc.), it could point to RDF data produced by the Whois
service, the PTS, etc.

So, it means that every Debian project member could use URIs like
<http://people.debian.org/~login/> as a WebIDs (provided that by
default, the Web server of people.debian.org would redirect to the
user's foaf.rdf whenever RDF+XML is required by a Web client, much like
the index.html inside the public_html).

These FOAF profiles could be customised by the owner (taking into
account their privacy concerns) in order to provide significant details
about them, including some that could be coming from the Whois service
or other sources of RDF (copy paste or using sameAs references).

In turn, the Whois service could exploit these FOAF/WebID profiles to
render them as HTML, in a similar way to what the FOAF explorer does
for instance).

Of course, the interest is also that this information becomes available
to everyone, not only to Debian services, on the Semantic Web.

Does it make sense ?

Best regards,

> [0] https://www.ohloh.net/accounts/oberger
> [1] http://www.foaf-project.org/
> [2] http://wiki.debian.org/RDF
> [3] http://www-public.it-sudparis.eu/~berger_o/foaf.rdf#me
> [4] https://fusionforge.org/plugins/mediawiki/wiki/fusionforge/index.php/FOAF_Profiles_Plugin

P.S.: I've added people.debian.org ~ pages and pointer to FOAF in

Olivier BERGER 
http://www-public.it-sudparis.eu/~berger_o/ - OpenPGP-Id: 2048R/5819D7E8
Ingenieur Recherche - Dept INF
Institut Mines-Telecom, Telecom SudParis, Evry (France)

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