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Re: Presentation of iso downloads - simpler like Fedora?

On 08/16/2012 01:11 PM, Ben Armstrong wrote:
I am not really keen on either placing a "prominent warning" or in making the site uglier

the current one can't really be made much uglier anyway, however.. i'll intend to do a non-misunderstandable 'thing' on live.debian.net/index.html saying that it's 'developers here, users there (on $debian.org)' sometimes soon-ish when i'll upgrade the ikiwiki themeing.

Assuming that it's even possible to trim down the packages to fit on a CD, then perhaps a
$DESKTOP-light or task-livecd-$DESKTOP package with a reduced set of dependencies from the
default desktop package could be created, thus giving the Debian Live people a package to use
for their CD images, and somewhere to report a bug when the resulting image creeps beyond the
size of a CD.

That would be fantastic.

it would be nice to handle non-live images, live images, and 'installer' tasks the same way (no problem if that happens all throught the tasksel package).

not sure if that's reasonably possible though, since there are some merits (for how debian-cd works at least) in 'autogenerate' these lists somewhat in order to react on archive changes wrt/ cd size contstraints, rather than to rely on a somewhat 'unflexible' (as in, needs sourceful upload) meta-package farm.

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