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Re: Presentation of iso downloads - simpler like Fedora?

[Steffen Möller]
> some binary software forced me into downloading a RedHat flavour, so
> I went for Fedora. I found it very easy to get an ISO. I mean - very
> very very easy. My suggestion is to copy that for our now pending
> release or to make it even easier

Hmmm, they have a button labeled "Download Now!" that links to a 64-bit
live ISO.  We have a button labeled "Download Debian 6.0" that links to
a 32/64-bit installer ISO.

They have a "more options" link to a page that lists a zillion images
plus a large section devoted to some non-free cloud computing platform.
We have a "Getting Debian" list on our main page that links to various
pages full of install image stuff.

I guess I don't get how theirs is easier.  Well, unless you happen to
want to use that specific non-free cloud computing platform.  Other
than that, the experience seems pretty equivalent.

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