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Re: RFC - Changing current policy of debian.net entries


I think you are combining two different issues: debian.net namespace and how 
new projects are developed/introduced.

For the debian.net namespace I really don't care if for personal things 
(such as a personal website) are to be hosted under $entry.$uid.debian.net. 
I don't care mostly because I find that such uses are better disallowed.
Nowadays one can find all sorts of things with a debian.net subdomain that I 
feel ashamed that it carries the debian.net name.

As for the other part, i.e. project services, I really think they should be 
on the 3rd level: $service.debian.net. I also don't like them being called 
"unofficial". If I, as a contributing member and DD, work on a project or 
service *for* Debian and it is called unofficial, I'm better off moving onto 
some other place where they actually welcome new developments.
Call them "in incubation" if you want (and like I proposed on IRC.) That at 
least sounds like there is some sort of association and not some unknown foo 
bar thingy that somebody happens to have put under a debian.net subdomain.

If you and others agree that there are two different topics that should be 
discussed and their respectiv policy drafted, then I would be happy to join 
the discussion. I'm all open for it.

If, however, the whole thing is nevertheless seen as only one topic, then I 
must say I profoundly object to the proposal.

Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer
www.debian.org - get.debian.net

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