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Re: Outdated version of Zoph in Debian

submitter 678644 jeroen@zoph.org

On Sat, 23 Jun 2012, Jeroen Roos wrote:
> I am the maintainer of "Zoph", a webbased program to organize photos.
> The current version in Debian has several issues, including a few
> security-related of which some are severe. All of these are fixed in the
> latest release, 0.9 which will be released today.
> Because Edelhard seems to be unwilling and/or unable to fix this, I am
> requesting you to either find a new maintainer or remove it from the
> package database.

Severity grave bug opened against package zoph, security tag added,
requesting either some packaging action or removal from the archive.

Popcon says that the outdated Debian package doesn't have many users:

If the current maintainer (or a new maintainer) doesn't show up very soon
with an upload of the new upstream version, it is probably best to remove it
from Debian, as apparently the users have already given up on the
Debian-packaged zoph and are probably using upstream packages directly.

Jeroen, I am sure our security team would appreciate if you could post the
relevant security fixes in your new upstream version to this bug report, as
we will have to do something about the Zoph package in Debian stable,
regardless of the fate of this package for the next stable release.

Upstream release history (from sourceforge):
STABLE: 	2010-10-20 		 1,537 downloads 	2010-07-15 	2010-07-01 	2009-11-01 		 527 downloads 	2009-09-23

0.9pre2 	2012-02-20 		 118 downloads
0.9pre1 	2011-11-26 		 51 downloads
0.8.4 	2011-09-09 		 147 downloads
0.8.3 	2011-04-03 		 129 downloads 	2010-11-20 		 
0.8.2 	2010-10-20 		 81 downloads 	2010-07-15 		 124 downloads 	2010-07-01 		 
0.8.1 	2010-01-03 

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