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Re: RFC - Changing current policy of debian.net entries


On Sat Jun 23, 2012 at 12:45:02 -0500, Raphael Geissert wrote:
> Hi,
> I think you are combining two different issues: debian.net namespace and how 
> new projects are developed/introduced.
> For the debian.net namespace I really don't care if for personal things 
> (such as a personal website) are to be hosted under $entry.$uid.debian.net. 
> I don't care mostly because I find that such uses are better disallowed.
> Nowadays one can find all sorts of things with a debian.net subdomain that I 
> feel ashamed that it carries the debian.net name.

I have spoken to quite a lot of lay users, none of them knew the
difference between debian.net and debian.org. So, yes, maybe we should
stop using the debian.net subdomain for things like this.

> As for the other part, i.e. project services, I really think they should be 
> on the 3rd level: $service.debian.net.

I have a problem here. Giving my above sentence, why should we use the
debian.net subdomain here? Please give me a definition of "project
services". When do you call it a project service? Given the fact that
lay users do not understand the fact between debian.net and debian.org
they will not understand that some of those services are official
services, and some are services in development (or incubation).

>                                        I also don't like them being called 
> "unofficial". If I, as a contributing member and DD, work on a project or 
> service *for* Debian and it is called unofficial, I'm better off moving onto 
> some other place where they actually welcome new developments.
> Call them "in incubation" if you want (and like I proposed on IRC.) That at 
> least sounds like there is some sort of association and not some unknown foo 
> bar thingy that somebody happens to have put under a debian.net subdomain.
> If you and others agree that there are two different topics that should be 
> discussed and their respectiv policy drafted, then I would be happy to join 
> the discussion. I'm all open for it.

Maybe we can establish a process, wherein we define criteria that need
to be met to be called a incubation project. I have not yet spoken with
all DSA members, but i personaly would be happy to host them below a
incubator.debian.org zone. This will also give the projects in
incubation some guidelines to get moved to debian.org hardware at a
later point. Please keep in mind, that if you want you project/service
to be run under the debian.org zone, those services need to run on DSA
administrated hardware.
> If, however, the whole thing is nevertheless seen as only one topic, then I 
> must say I profoundly object to the proposal.

I just want to get rid of the plain usage (3rd level) of the debian.net
zone. This zone only confuses most of our users.

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