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Re: Planned changes to Debian Maintainer uploads

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 04:48:17PM +0100, Jon Dowland wrote:
> That seems like a good idea, if we're in agreement that the point of
> DM is to be a bridge status whilst someone works through NM.  I think
> that was the intention and presume it still is.

I disagree that it is always the case. It might be a popular option (due
to the fact that we highly encourage NMs to go through DM first). BUt
there are many cases, at least according to my anecdotal evidence, of
people who are more than happy remaining DM. I don't think we should
make their life more miserable by ensuring they have to periodically
re-ask for the permission to upload.

After all, DM was also bout allowing people to do technical packaging
working in Debian, without asking them extra commitment, such as the
moral duty of following Debian "politics" that comes with being a full
project member.  I think that's a very important use case to support.

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