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Re: UBC-ECE maintenance window June 9th/10th

On Sat, Jun 09, 2012 at 11:51:15PM +0300, Touko Korpela wrote:
> Peter Palfrader wrote on debian-infrastructure-announce@lists.debian.org:
> > Our friendly hosting partners at the Department of Electrical and
> > Computer Engineering of the University of British Columbia (UBC-ECE)
> > have advised us of maintenance work being conducted this Saturday, the
> > 9th of June.
> This announcement should have cc:d to other mailing lists too.
> Not many people read debian-infrastructure-announce (maybe they should).

Yes, they probably should.  The entire propose of d-i-a is to make
announcements regarding changes and (hopefully scheduled) outages.

> Hope that recent plans for spending Debian money make more services location
> redundant so that not single outage takes service offline.

All external (public) services are redundant.

Internal services aren't and probably don't need to be so long as they
can be restored in a reasonable time-frame.



Luca Filipozzi
Member, Debian System Administration Team

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