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Re: UBC-ECE maintenance window June 9th/10th

Peter Palfrader wrote on debian-infrastructure-announce@lists.debian.org:

> Hi,
> Our friendly hosting partners at the Department of Electrical and
> Computer Engineering of the University of British Columbia (UBC-ECE)
> have advised us of maintenance work being conducted this Saturday, the
> 9th of June.
> This will include a planned electrical outage that affects several
> buildings, including the two that host our gear and uplink.
> Therefore, all of our systems at UBC-ECE will be unavailable on June
> 9th, from around 8:00 local time to about 20:00 local time - 17:00 UTC
> until 05:00 UTC on Sunday.
> A number of services, like www.debian.org, are location redundant, so
> UBC-ECE going away will not make the service unavailable to users.  Lots
> of internal/developer-targeted things, however, only exist at this
> location and will, therefore, not work during the above timeframe.
> A list of affected systems and services can be found below[1].
> If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact DSA at
> debian-admin@lists.debian.org.
> For DSA,
> weasel
> 1. Affected systems/services:
> ...long list...

This announcement should have cc:d to other mailing lists too.
Not many people read debian-infrastructure-announce (maybe they should).
Hope that recent plans for spending Debian money make more services location
redundant so that not single outage takes service offline.

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