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DebConf11 financial report


I have just received the final DebConf11 transactions list, so now I
can make a final report on its finances.

DebConf11 Summary

Some highlights:
  65,512.44 EUR income, about 20k€ from attendees, 42k€ from sponsors.
  40,137.73 EUR expenses, about 32k€ of which was for attendee travel
  19,901.84 EUR surplus, about 3.4k€ at FFIS and 19.9k$ at SPI.

A full balance sheet is at the bottom of this message.

Surpluses will be recorded as returning to general Debian equity as
soon as it is on the books.

Debian ran a Newbies initiative, paying for travel expenses for
various people.  However, some of this money was reimbursed via
DebConf.  I recorded this as a 1.8k€ income from general Debian funds
(incomes:debian below), to make it not a net DebConf expense, since
that is what was agreed.

405 GBP was already returned to general Debian funds through various
means (debian-uk).  No other Debian money was touched.

DebConf11 had various on-site transactions, via the DIVA
organization.  However, this organization essentially went rogue, and
we have no report or mechanism of knowing its transactions.  I had
originally attempt to track local money (anything within Bosnia), but
this was impossible to track as they were uncooperative.  So, there
were significant venue, hotel, and food expenses, somehow paid for by
the .ba government through DIVA.  Eventually, we decided to only track
global (non-Bosnia) money.  We think.  This report only tracks money,
expenses, and incomes from outside of Bosnia - all the Debian trusted

One sponsor was unable to pay during the DC11 cycle, they will pay to
DC12 instead (equity:debconf12).  This is counted as being passed on
to DC12, though as income in the DC11 cycle (and not DC12).

There were 17 financial events from October to December 2011
(inclusive).  There were six financial events in 2012.  One does not
simply have DebConf be over and everything instantly "done".  I only
hope there isn't any more coming up.

The DebConf11 ledger is public (without names) at

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

- Richard

The full balance sheet is below, with ledger/hleder conventions,
converted to Euros:

       19,901.84 EUR  assets  (Current surpluses soon to be rolled into debian)
        3,358.33 EUR    ffis
       16,543.51 EUR    spi
        5,485.15 EUR  equity
        5,000.00 EUR    debconf12  (A sponsor is paying DC12 instead)
          485.15 EUR    debian  (Money already returned to Debian)
       40,137.73 EUR  expenses
          358.17 EUR    bankfee
           17.58 EUR      newbies
          215.79 EUR    conf
        4,550.00 EUR    shipping
          839.86 EUR    taxes
        1,070.65 EUR    team-travel
       32,570.95 EUR    travel-sponsorship
        1,776.80 EUR      newbies  (Debian newbies initiative)
          532.30 EUR    videoteam
          414.68 EUR      shipping
      -65,512.44 EUR  incomes  (By convention, these values are negative of income)
      -20,392.56 EUR    attendee  (All attendee fees)
       -2,118.84 EUR      corp
         -450.00 EUR      debcamp
      -17,823.73 EUR      prof
       -1,794.38 EUR    debian  (paying for newbies initiative)
         -822.27 EUR    donation
      -42,015.52 EUR    sponsor
         -487.71 EUR    unclaimed-reimbursement (not travel related)

In actual currencies:

        3,358.33 EUR
       20,700.87 USD  assets
        3,358.33 EUR    ffis
       20,700.87 USD    spi
        5,000.00 EUR
          405.00 GBP  equity
        5,000.00 EUR    debconf12
          405.00 GBP    debian
       22,083.23 EUR
          197.89 GBP
       22,294.94 USD  expenses
           19.85 EUR
          423.34 USD    bankfee
           22.00 USD      newbies
          120.62 EUR
          119.09 USD    conf
        4,550.00 EUR    shipping
          839.86 EUR    taxes
          833.60 EUR
          197.89 GBP    team-travel
       15,601.68 EUR
       21,233.62 USD    travel-sponsorship
          863.57 EUR
        1,142.72 USD      newbies
          117.62 EUR
          518.89 USD    videoteam
          518.89 USD      shipping
      -30,666.33 EUR
         -405.00 GBP
      -42,995.81 USD  incomes
      -13,570.00 EUR
         -405.00 GBP
       -7,930.00 USD    attendee
       -1,000.00 EUR
       -1,400.00 USD      corp
         -450.00 EUR      debcamp
      -12,120.00 EUR
         -405.00 GBP
       -6,530.00 USD      prof
         -863.57 EUR
       -1,164.72 USD    debian
         -365.14 EUR
         -572.00 USD    donation
      -15,750.00 EUR
      -32,866.00 USD    sponsor
         -117.62 EUR
         -463.09 USD    unclaimed-reimbursement

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