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Re: Need suggestions on Debian.cn (Debian China community)

On 05/19/2012 11:13 PM, Joseph Chen wrote:
> To Whom it may concern,
> I recently acquired the domain name Debian.cn and am planing to develop
> it as Debian China Community.
> My current plan is to launch a forum initially, then have some documents
> translated to Chinese.
> Wondering do you have any suggestion please? If we can make any
> arrangements, I would be very pleased to help around to make a wonderful
> website.
> Some background information about me
> I'm a Linux system administrator with 7+ yrs experience, very good at RH
> (the most popular distribution for production use in China). Normal in
> Debian/Ubuntu.
> If you need any further info, please kindly let me know!
> Gracias,
> -- 
> joseph chen
> Admon Project - http://www.Admon.org


I, and I believe other DDs living in China, would welcome such
initiative as a Chinese portal for Debian.

However, I stand as well on the side of our Debian Project Leader Zack
here: the domain name ownership should be transferred to a Debian
organization. It is my understanding that it could be owned by SPI
(Software for Public Interest, the legal entity behind Debian). Do you
think you can arrange this?

Once this is done, I'd be very happy to help building such site. And if
you need, my company can even host the website for free on an easily
reachable server from China (for example in Singapore), which would
avoid the requirement for an ICP license which would be a pain to get.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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