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Report for the 1st Shanghai BSP (end of April 2012)


It's with quite some delays that I'm sending this report. It was ready a
long time ago, but I just failed to send it in time. Sorry for this.

The 1st Shanghai Bug Squashing Party is now over. It was a very nice
BSP, with a lot of fun and relaxed people. We were only 3 Debian
Developers at the event: EmFox, LiDaobing and myself (Thomas Goirand /
zigo). That might seem not a lot, but that's already half of all active
DDs in China! :)

So of course, we invited anyone who thought could be bug squashing. A
lot more than the 12 persons who initially registered showed up, and we
were about 20 in total (that's the amount of people who wrote their
names on the wiki page).

The venue and sponsors
The event was hosted by People Squared [1]. The place, who is the home
of some start-ups, is just fantastic. Not only it's big enough, it's in
the city center, and it's modern and renewed, but the owner is really
friendly, and was very happy to host us. So, a big thanks to them, and
especially to Bob (people squared boss), who immediately accepted when I
asked him.
Also, a big thanks to pizza-box Dr. Oetker [2] for sponsoring about 30
pizzas, which helped us to keep focused on our bug squashing.

Last, a big thanks to SHLUG (Shanghai Linux User Group) members who came
to the event, and helped to organize it.

Fixed bugs
This is a total of 25 bugs fixed, which (according to Francesca Ciceri
count on the total number of bugs) represented 4.6% of the total number
of bugs affecting Wheezy at the time of this BSP. That's not too bad
considering the relative inexperience of the participants, and even
though many of the bugs we closed where easy to fix.

For a full list of bugs which have been fixed during the party, please
see [3].

We've also found that many FTBFS bugs are a lot more easy to fix than it
seems just looking at the bug report.

Time passed, and it seems that there was only one mistake done during
the BSP. I'm talking about #661329. The issue was more complicated than
it seemed: we thought that any doom WAD files would be enough, but you
also need special iWAD files containing sound and graphics, which are a
lot more difficult to find (that makes doomsday a candidate for contrib,
and just removing the Recommends: wasn't enough).

Things to improve next time
There was a bit less people the 2nd day. I am suspecting that some
participant found themselves a bit lost and didn't come back. Maybe they
didn't find out what and how to do things. Maybe they were a bit too shy
to ask. Most of the time, the issue was that they had difficulties
finding a bug for which the fix was simple enough, even though there was
a lot of them available.

We will try to make announcements on the Chinese lists a bit earlier, to
give others enough time to plan.

See you at the 2nd Shanghai BSP
Bob, from People Squared, already accepted that we organize another
event. So, we'll make another one (maybe around September), hoping that
this will speed-up the release date of Wheezy.

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

[1] http://www.people-squared.com/
[2] http://www.oetker.cn/
[3] https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2012/04/cn/Shanghai

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