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Re: Diversity statement for the Debian Project


Le 12/04/2012 12:22, Moray Allan a écrit :
> Phil wrote:
>> Le 12/04/2012 08:08, Gerfried Fuchs a écrit :

>>>  Maybe I'm too picky, and you can base it on me not being a native
>>> speaker - but then, most people that will read it might be non-native
>>> speakers.

>> If it is deemed that the clarification is needed, then […]

> If an extra word is really needed then perhaps it should be "we
> equally value and encourage"?

If the issue is only for non native readers, an other way to address the
concern is to help proofreading translations in every language we
understand, in order to make sure the statement will be available for
non English readers, with a quality that matches the one granted by this
active thread.

I'd like to thank Francesca for proposing this statement and taking care
of the various remarks, and everyone involved.



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