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Re: Diversity statement for the Debian Project

Phil wrote:
> If it is deemed that the clarification is needed, then adding 'too' is
> not the way to do it -- instead we could go for:
>  adding 'also' after 'we':
>    ... technical in nature, we also value and encourage contributions ...
>  or perhaps adding 'as well' where you were suggesting 'too':
>    ... with expertise in other areas as well, ...
> I think I prefer the first.

I agree with that preference (and with either being better than "too").

But any of these can be read more easily than the previous version as
demoting non-technical contributions back to something second-class,
if we only value them "in addition to" technical ones.

If an extra word is really needed then perhaps it should be "we
equally value and encourage"?


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