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Re: Installation & Live CD

On 01/17/2012 10:30 AM, Philip Hands wrote:

Well, having recently tried to find an image that I might be able to
recommend to someone new to Debian, and having quickly found the
friendly looking live.debian.net front page, I was a bit surprised to be
presented with this after a couple of clicks:

which is an entirely different entry point (which we should probably make clear): live.d.n is primarily for the guys working on debian-live, debian.org is the entry point to get your debian image of choice.

for live images, that entry point would be..

debian.org -> Getting Debian -> Try Debian live before installing

which is not exactly helpful to a newbie -- also, even I am left
wondering why there is a split between i386 and amd64 if the images
below are supposed to be hybrid.

hybrid = iso-hybrid (you can put it on an optical media or dump it on a block device); not multi-arch (e.g. dual-boot amd64 and i386).

Anyway, then I chose iso-hybrid, which seems like what I might be after,
at which point we see that the only images that're small enough to
actually fit onto a CD are the "rescue" and the "standard" ones, which
appear not to include X, and so are hardly likely to be enticing to a

see debian-live ml archive for the reasons why the image flavours are like they are; a user friendly explanation is on available http://www.debian.org/CD/live/

I can understand that an automated build is unlikely to be able to
generate something that's just as good as knoppix,

s/automated build/the package selection in tasksel/

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