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Re: Installation & Live CD

adding my 2 bits in-line :-

On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 07:28, gufadin <gufadin@comcast.net> wrote:
> This is just a bit of feedback from my perspective.  I love Debian, and
> have used it for years, but I have a few comments about the state of
> affairs as they stand right now.
> First, you are doing a great disservice to the project by separating the
> installation and live cd into two different downloads, and by burying
> the live cd into sub-pages.  If you really want people to test Debian
> and then install right away, you would make a live cd that can install
> right away, and have a link to that image right off the front page,
> rather than make people search for it, which only works if they know to
> begin with that they must search for it.

Hi all,
First please CC me as well if somebody responds to it. I *think* that
the debian-live team (http://live.debian.net/) may have the same idea
although they haven't been able to communicate it on the web their
long-term plans. The roadmap page tells the technical stuff but not
the big picture nor is it present anywhere easily accessible. The
debian-live homepage is itself something that could do with some good

Now as far as live and install in one CD is said, IIRC having GNOME
or/and KDE perhaps it would not be possible to have the whole thing in
one CD. Perhaps a Live and install DVD ?

> One other comment, the installation interface looks like it came from
> the 1980's, with 8-bit graphics, which also doesn't install confidence.
> I am not proposing a brain-dead "Unity" or "Gnome 3.x" approach, just
> saying that a 1980's interface will simply turn away all but the most
> hard core user.
> I'm only providing this feedback because I love Debian and understand
> that the more acceptance it has, the more freedom the developers have to
> create a truly powerful and useful OS.  Without a lot of "buy in,"
> Debian will be relegated to only a small fringe of users.  If that is
> your use model, well then I understand, but this means that dumbed down
> OS' like Ubuntu will win the race, which is ultimately a detriment to
> anyone that is interested in an OS that lends to productivity.

This again I'm in agreement of. The installation process could be
quite a bit more polished but then I have no idea what the ideas/plans
for wheezy are. There are probably going to make it easier. Probably
the d-i (debian-installer) team could share with us a bit more, esp.
with screenshots and what they hope achieve of the upcoming release.

Looking forward if somebody can please shed a light on this one.


          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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