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Re: Installation & Live CD

Monday, January 16, 2012 8:58 PM gufadin:

>This is just a bit of feedback from my perspective.

>If you really want people to test Debian
>and then install right away, you would make a live cd that can install
>right away, and have a link to that image right off the front page,

I think that some people think Debian [still]  does it right.

I think some people would like it if Debian dumbed-down its public offerings,
at the expense of other important project initiatives.

Still others believe Debian should use brain-dead graphics and fully automatic
installation methods.

>One other comment, the installation interface looks like it came from
>the 1980's, with 8-bit graphics, which also doesn't install confidence.
>I am not proposing a brain-dead "Unity" or "Gnome 3.x" approach,

1: Which install media[s] have you used?
for example: 

2: And what did the d-i look like to you?

3: What is the most important aspect of an OS for you?

(-:-)   - Will

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