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Re: Greaat disappointment

On Sat, Oct 01, 2011 at 01:55:01AM +0200, Qactuar Rogue wrote:
> Hi.
> I was planning on installing Debian on a new laptop that had Windows 7
> pre-installed.
> I was researching the methods of installation for two weeks (partitioning etc).
> Then right before beginning the disk wipe and later the installation
> I had problems deciding on my own for what kind of partition table to create
> and wanted to have feedback from somebody who has a comprehensive understanding
> on the subject.
> I went on IRC. Firstly I tried #Debian on irc.debian.org then I tried #Debian
> at chat.freenode.com
> Thanks for reading my random ramble mortal.
> You may return to your duties.
> We may hear of each other again. I may consider creating my own foundation for
> an all new OS.
> Friendly greetings,
you will find a much better response if you ask your question on the
debian-user mailing list. That list is more representative of the good people
who use debian than the IRC channel. IRC is another kind of beast. It is more
hit or miss. Debian does not pay people to moderate IRC or the mailing lists,
we are a group of volunteers. There are developers, administrators, users and
such. There are about 1,000 main debian software maintainers. But maintaining
software is different than answering questions on IRC or mailing lists. The
people on IRC and Mailing lists can be anyone. Please try the mailing lists on
lists.debian.org, you will find nice folks there. You might also have local
debian user group for even better help. my local group goes out for beers and
helps new users personally.

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