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Greaat disappointment


I was planning on installing Debian on a new laptop that had Windows 7 pre-installed.
I was researching the methods of installation for two weeks (partitioning etc).
Then right before beginning the disk wipe and later the installation
I had problems deciding on my own for what kind of partition table to create
and wanted to have feedback from somebody who has a comprehensive understanding on the subject.
I went on IRC. Firstly I tried #Debian on irc.debian.org then I tried #Debian at chat.freenode.com

I would like to express my greatest disappointment regarding the `helpfulness` of the people on the channel.
On irc.debian.org everyone was a complete dumbass. On both channels I was told off for asking my questions by PMing someone
who  replied to my posting on the channel. My nick was Ti-chan. You can research if you please.
I did nothing, just kindly asked for help regarding partitioning.

In a community that is supposed to stand for friendship and kindness, on a channel that is there for helping people
who choose Linux as an alternative, having people behave with you so unkindly is a shame.

I still want Linux. I hate Windows. Microsoft is a disgusting transnational organization.
I do not want Debian anymore however. I do not wish to use software developed by those
people who are surfing on your IRC channels, thank you very much.
I also considered investing into the Debian project by donating millions of dollars.
To help the creation of software which can effectively conquer the popularity of Windows,
A software which reaches most end users and helps them understand the pros of Linux and the cons of Windows.
So that the computing world is reformed and pulled out of the shit it is currently deep in.

I chose Debian because it is a community driven development project.
Free of the idiotic marketing strategies and instability of other distributions.

I would be most grateful if this message reached one of your key people.
I do not understand how such negative experiences can happen to anybody in the Linux world.
As a human being I am truly ashamed for such unkind people and as a denizen of this planet I am outraged
that entire projects can slip because of people`s bad experience with Linux.
Nobody can be surprised that most home users go for Windows. Many bad things can be said about
Microsoft but they at least have the obligation of keeping an effective customer support service up and going.

Thanks for reading my random ramble mortal.
You may return to your duties.
We may hear of each other again. I may consider creating my own foundation for an all new OS.

Friendly greetings,

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