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Re: Greaat disappointment

Hi Qactuar,

NB: crossposting to debian-devel since my question below is Debian
    developers oriented

sad to hear that you had such a displeasure... as an excuse I can only
say that it is not necessarily that people who "advised" you on the IRC
channels you have tried -- are the ones who "develop" Debian.  Chat
rooms are open to anyone to participate so YMMV, so if I were you I
would be more careful on the judgments  about the project.  As far as
installation goes -- it should have been quite straightforward having
you chosen official images/instructions from
http://www.debian.org/distrib/ and just following questions of Debian
installation process which gives you options to facilitate installation
of Debian in your scenario.  If something doesn't work -- then
please state what was not...

BUT your unfortunate experience lead me to actual question now:  why
http://irc.debian.org leads to a webpage which visually seems to have
nothing with Debian in its appearance?  I understand that it leads to
OFTC servers, but indeed it might be  confusing for newcomers.  Could we
ask for a VirtualHost entry for "irc.debian.org" with few simple
pages so we have adequate appearance/description ?


On Sat, 01 Oct 2011, Qactuar Rogue wrote:

>    Hi.
>    I was planning on installing Debian on a new laptop that had Windows 7
>    pre-installed.
>    I was researching the methods of installation for two weeks
>    (partitioning etc).
>    Then right before beginning the disk wipe and later the installation
>    I had problems deciding on my own for what kind of partition table to
>    create
>    and wanted to have feedback from somebody who has a comprehensive
>    understanding on the subject.
>    I went on IRC. Firstly I tried #Debian on irc.debian.org then I tried
>    #Debian at chat.freenode.com
>    I would like to express my greatest disappointment regarding the
>    `helpfulness` of the people on the channel.
>    On irc.debian.org everyone was a complete dumbass. On both channels I
>    was told off for asking my questions by PMing someone
>    who  replied to my posting on the channel. My nick was Ti-chan. You can
>    research if you please.
>    I did nothing, just kindly asked for help regarding partitioning.
>    In a community that is supposed to stand for friendship and kindness,
>    on a channel that is there for helping people
>    who choose Linux as an alternative, having people behave with you so
>    unkindly is a shame.
>    I still want Linux. I hate Windows. Microsoft is a disgusting
>    transnational organization.
>    I do not want Debian anymore however. I do not wish to use software
>    developed by those
>    people who are surfing on your IRC channels, thank you very much.
>    I also considered investing into the Debian project by donating
>    millions of dollars.
>    To help the creation of software which can effectively conquer the
>    popularity of Windows,
>    A software which reaches most end users and helps them understand the
>    pros of Linux and the cons of Windows.
>    So that the computing world is reformed and pulled out of the shit it
>    is currently deep in.
>    I chose Debian because it is a community driven development project.
>    Free of the idiotic marketing strategies and instability of other
>    distributions.
>    I would be most grateful if this message reached one of your key
>    people.
>    I do not understand how such negative experiences can happen to anybody
>    in the Linux world.
>    As a human being I am truly ashamed for such unkind people and as a
>    denizen of this planet I am outraged
>    that entire projects can slip because of people`s bad experience with
>    Linux.
>    Nobody can be surprised that most home users go for Windows. Many bad
>    things can be said about
>    Microsoft but they at least have the obligation of keeping an effective
>    customer support service up and going.
>    Thanks for reading my random ramble mortal.
>    You may return to your duties.
>    We may hear of each other again. I may consider creating my own
>    foundation for an all new OS.
>    Friendly greetings,
>    TAKA

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