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Re: Debian hardware certification

On Fri, Jun 03, 2011 at 11:42:11AM -0400, John Sullivan wrote:
> Such a database is being generated now at http://h-node.com. The FSF is
> also consolidating its former compatible hardware database there. Since
> h-node lists hardware that works without proprietary drivers or
> proprietary firmware, it should be a good fit for Debian main from
> Squeeze on. 

Thanks for the pointer, John.

We have here the usual tension among people using Debian proper and
people using Debian + non-free firmware to fully exploit their machines.
No surprise here at the "social" level.

Nonetheless---and replying to an argument raised further down in the
thread---Debian is constitutionally bound to be fully Free. So if we are
ever going to have *the* debian hardware certification website, that
website should list by default hardware compatible with Debian
(i.e. main). That is also the only way to be coherent with what we are
offering in our official installation images.  Pushing that coherency
further, having an hardware compatibility list for Debian proper does
not preclude having other hardware compatibility lists (possibly hosted
on the same website, as long as they are not the default) that apply to
"Debian + non-free firmware".

Regarding h-node.com, though, it's undeniable that in its present form
it cannot be used as the Debian hardware compatibility list, not even
for Debian proper. It would indeed be ridiculous for the Debian Project
image to point to a website that, by its own declaration, exclude the
Debian distribution from its scope. We might consider it only if that
"detail" changes.

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