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Re: DEP5: CANDIDATE and ready for use in squeeze+1

On Fri, 14 Jan 2011 01:41:47 +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> >In practice, in my experience most packages have exactly the same
> >URL (maybe with one path part more or less) in debian/control,
> >debian/copyright and debian/watch.
> In my experience it can be hard to actually find upstream source
> based on info in debian/copyright due to too sloppy referencing!
> ...sometimes even upstream tarball releases can be hard to locate,
> but mostly such trouble occur when the Debian package is not based
> on upstream tarball releases but instead on a VCS snapshot and the
> VCS hosting isn't prominently advertised upstream.

Sure, I've also encountered these cases; that's why I said "_most_
packages" :)
> So I really appreciate when care has been taken to add the relevant
> subdir or whatever makes that Upstream-Source URL different from the
> Homepage URL.

Definitively, and I also appreciate it when someone makes it easy for

I was just commenting on the many cases with the dupli- or
triplication of the info.

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