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DEP5: CANDIDATE and ready for use in squeeze+1

I have just pushed out the CANDIDATE version of DEP5 to the DEP
subversion repository.  DEP5 is the specification for a machine-readable
format for debian/copyright files, the use of which will be optional.

I consider this version (r153) to be ready for production use.  Those
using an earlier version of the format will hopefully start upgrading to
it, as soon as squeeze is released.  However, there is a final little
detail to get fixed, which is that the Format: field is supposed to get
a stable URL, and the spec should get integrated into the debian-policy
package.  Once that has been done, DEP5 will go into ACCEPTED state.  An
e-mail to debian-devel-announce will happen then.

The bzr repository for DEP5 will now be frozen. All further changes will
happen in the DEP svn repository, until the spec moves to debian-policy.

Yours truly,
Lars "master bikeshed painter and professional provocateur" Wirzenius

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