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Re: Svgtune


Am 26.11.2010 13:50, schrieb Andreas Tille:

>>> Searching on Google for wnpp svgtune sent me to
>>> <URL: http://bugs.debian.org/544071 >.
> Says: "due to its tiny size".  Hmmm, I was aware that large packages
> might be detected until we have solved the issue of data.debian.org.
> Rejection because of to tiny package is new for me.  Any docs about
> where the borderline might be?

I don't think we ever defined a clear borderline for that.  But good
hint would be, that the script you are packaging should be larger than
the contents of your debian subfolder ;)

[ svg-tools package ]
> While collecting some nice svg-tools sounds like a good idea I always
> see two problems here:
>    - How to consistently create the tarball and its version?
>    - How to handle new versions of these tools (watch file)?

Uhm, often these tiny scripts have no tarball and no version number
themselves.  So you need to think up something anyway.  That also makes
it difficult to create a proper watchfile.

But if you have the luck that you could create a watchfile... Don't
know.  How do watchfiles for multiple upstream tarballs source packages

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