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Re: Report from Debian booth at SfN2010

On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 03:39:53PM -0500, Michael Hanke wrote:
> [ there is also a HTML version of this report with images available at:
>   http://neuro.debian.net/booth_sfn2010.html ]

Really cool report!  Thanks for sharing.

For me who is always advertising the idea that Debian can grow trough
the mediation of experts in specific fields NeuroDebian is one of the
really great examples that this strategy is somehow successful.  Those
Debian using (non-geekish) experts will be the best multipliers of the
Debian system (especially amongst those who never have heard about
Debian as you stated in your report).

I really really wished those teams like for instance Debian Multimedia,
Debian Games, Debian GIS, DebiChem or others would consider showing some
more activity than you few guys in the NeuroDebian team which did an
amazing job in technical work on one hand and serios promotional work on
the other hand.  If other teams which are stuffed with much more people
would do at least some bit of the latter Debian could be much more
widely known than it is.  I would even call the lack of this work one of
the reasons that people are not aware that Ubuntu is based on Debian.
IMHO it is not Ubuntu's fault that they do not advertise Debian: It is
rather Debian's fault if we fail in telling the world where we are good.
And we are good in a lot of fields - NeuroDebian team has shown how to
promote this.

Thanks again



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