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Re: Report from Debian booth at SfN2010

Thank you Adnreas for all kind words.

On Thu, 25 Nov 2010, Andreas Tille wrote:
> I really really wished those teams like for instance Debian Multimedia,
> Debian Games, Debian GIS, DebiChem or others would consider showing some
> more activity than you few guys in the NeuroDebian team which did an
> amazing job in technical work on one hand and serios promotional work on
> the other hand.  

we totally missed that accent... our booth also had information and
fliers about other neuroscience-related projects (in Debian of cause);
what we should have had (besides vocalizations  while talking to people)
-- little fliers presenting different Debian sub-projects, e.g.
Debian-Med, -Chem, -Science, LTSP muekow ...

I guess for the next booth we should definitely inquire the teams to
prepare such hand-outs so we could immediately make a better
presentation of Debian.

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