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Re: commercial spam on planet

On 2010-11-10, Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> wrote:
> I'm not particularly happy with the 'flattr this' buttons either. My
> main problem is that I find quite difficult to avoid interpreting them
> as DMUP violations, specifically about DMUP point "don't use Debian
> Facilities for private financial gain".  It's a very gray area, so I'm
> not saying they are DMUP violations (as it's not up to me to judge
> that), but I do think those buttons are quite borderline with respect to
> one of the principles that DMUP is trying to defend.  From this point of
> view, blog posts recommending other things to flattr seems way less
> problematic (maybe a bit ironically).

I mentioned my flattr-on-planet opinion elsewhere, but I do not think
that it is actually something I would consider a DMUP violation.

Just like:
 - "I would like to see if I can live X months doing random debian
   development if the community will support me. send money here->"
 - "I got sacked at work yesterday. anyone misses my skillset: foo bar
   baz ?"

Both kind of things is things that I don't mind reading about on planet,
and both actually giving the poster some kind of (possible) financial
gain. (if all of debian developers were unemployed or tried doing
fulltime work based on just community contributions, I might have a
different opinion.)


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