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Re: commercial spam on planet


On Mon, 08 Nov 2010, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> You should be. *IMO* your posts are VERY annoying with the "support my
> work, give me money money money" below them, sometimes very much looking
> to be written just to spread another round of flattr links.
> Might not be the intention, but feels like it to me.

I am definitely trying to build an audience for my blog. But I try to do
it by writing interesting content (both for users and for contributors)
and hoping that people share those articles and that people subscribe to
one of the ways to stay in touch afterwards (and in particular my own

While earning some money with Flattr is nice, it's definitely not (yet?) a
good way to compensate for the time spent (from Flattr I get around 25 EUR
per month for my blog articles, and I spend at least 2 hours per article
written). So no, earning money with Flattr is not the main motivation
behind my articles.

> > I even encourage users to use flattr to support free software with one
> > blog post per month. Is this spam according to you?
> Do it once in a while for whatever other project and there is not much reason
> to complain.

I don't understand. I have recommended 5 projects using Flattr every month
and they were all unrelated to me. And even if you don't use Flattr, those
posts can be interesting since they introduce you some free software that
you might not know and that you might want to try out.

> > What I do is to provide a link for people that like my posts to support my
> > work. It's not very intrusive IMO.
> Its very much jumping into the view of any planet reader.

For some value of "any". Planet has a big audience, articles are seen by
more than 30000 persons so it's difficult to speak for them.

If you look around on the web, you will find that adding a small
footer in the RSS feed is a common practice at least to add link to social
sharing services.

There's a balance to find, I dislike when people put google ads in their
feeds, or when they put 5 auto-generated links to "related articles" that
usually are not so related anyway. I'm ok when they put social links
(including flattr buttons) or a custom text snippet.

On Mon, 08 Nov 2010, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> On 12293 March 1977, Holger Levsen wrote:
> > I think we as a project should not tolerate such, agree so, and provide simple 
> > filter mechanisms, so that people can continue to have these links in _their_ 
> > blog posts, while they are filtered out on http://planet.debian.org
> No. I would want it to be the same as with other languages - the feed
> owner is responsible to provide a feed that is clean of this.

What do you mean with "other languages"?

Do the non-English Planet Debian have stricter rules than the English one?

I tried to look up but did not find anything on
http://wiki.debian.org/PlanetDebian or

> > How much spam do you find tolerable? Would it be ok if I sell advertisment 
> > space on my blog and syndicate this to planet? You know, I need to eat too...
> Its on a debian resource, so the DMUP can hold up. Dont make money with
> Debian resources. Obviously with flattr you make.

It's not obvious, the fact that Planet syndicates content doesn't mean
that my articles are a Debian property. I have the right to make money
from my freely-available content.

Also I am making money by net-installing Debian from Debian-owned servers
(for my customers), is this a DMUP violation? I don't think so.

In both cases, Debian resources just forward "content".

> There is a very big grey area though. What about someone writing a book
> about Debian? Someone doing Debian for paid work and blogging about it?
> They get money from it -> not on planet?
> No.

Great to hear that, I'm likely to be concerned by both your examples. :-)

> I think it depends on the amount of it. A one time "hey, i wrote this
> book" / "hey, im on flattr, in case you care..." and such should be ok.
> Regularly having this at every post -> not.

If it's the main content of every post, I agree with you.

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