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Re: commercial spam on planet

> Can you be more precise? Since I use flattr I wonder if I'm concerned.

You should be. *IMO* your posts are VERY annoying with the "support my
work, give me money money money" below them, sometimes very much looking
to be written just to spread another round of flattr links.
Might not be the intention, but feels like it to me.

> I even encourage users to use flattr to support free software with one
> blog post per month. Is this spam according to you?

Do it once in a while for whatever other project and there is not much reason
to complain.

> What I do is to provide a link for people that like my posts to support my
> work. It's not very intrusive IMO.

Its very much jumping into the view of any planet reader.

bye, Joerg
<towo> "Das Internet, jetzt auf 47 DVDs - oder auf 2 CDs in der jugenfreien Fassung"?

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