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Re: commercial spam on planet

>> > I even encourage users to use flattr to support free software with one
>> > blog post per month. Is this spam according to you?
>> Do it once in a while for whatever other project and there is not much reason
>> to complain.
> I don't understand. I have recommended 5 projects using Flattr every month
> and they were all unrelated to me. And even if you don't use Flattr, those
> posts can be interesting since they introduce you some free software that
> you might not know and that you might want to try out.

And that posts alone are not a problem.
Nor are any of your other posts.

The flattr links so you get money, those are.

>> > What I do is to provide a link for people that like my posts to support my
>> > work. It's not very intrusive IMO.
>> Its very much jumping into the view of any planet reader.
> For some value of "any". Planet has a big audience, articles are seen by
> more than 30000 persons so it's difficult to speak for them.

How do you get that number?

> If you look around on the web, you will find that adding a small
> footer in the RSS feed is a common practice at least to add link to social
> sharing services.

And? While all of them are utterly useless and crap, you dont earn money
with facebook/twitter/anyothershit.

(all of them SHOULD be filtered out, but as this starts a race between
 the crap social services and the multitude of links and planet
 maintainers thats not a step i WANT to take.
 (Filtered just on the ground that most of them link to icons stored on
 the social crap servers, which enables them to make nice profiles of
 whoever reads planet (or whichever other side it appears). Whoever
 thinks thats ok needs to be shot.)

 maybe we should filter ALL external links, but thats also
 extreme. (Goodbye pictures. meh)

>> > I think we as a project should not tolerate such, agree so, and provide simple 
>> > filter mechanisms, so that people can continue to have these links in _their_ 
>> > blog posts, while they are filtered out on http://planet.debian.org> 
>> No. I would want it to be the same as with other languages - the feed
>> owner is responsible to provide a feed that is clean of this.
> What do you mean with "other languages"?
> Do the non-English Planet Debian have stricter rules than the English one?

I didnt wrote about other planets, i wrote other languages.

> I tried to look up but did not find anything on
> http://wiki.debian.org/PlanetDebian or
> http://blog.ganneff.de/blog/2008/12/21/planet-i18n.html

"What Can I Post On Planet", two rules, point 1.

The occasional post in whatever other language than english is
fine. Continuously its not.

>> Its on a debian resource, so the DMUP can hold up. Dont make money with
>> Debian resources. Obviously with flattr you make.
> It's not obvious, the fact that Planet syndicates content doesn't mean
> that my articles are a Debian property. I have the right to make money
> from my freely-available content.

The fact that you add your rss feed to the planet config and as such
willingly have it displayed to everyone from a Debian resource *is*.

> Also I am making money by net-installing Debian from Debian-owned servers
> (for my customers), is this a DMUP violation? I don't think so.

You are using the mirrors. For whatever your own side. You are not
pushing a "pay me" link into every other users view that use the same service.

bye, Joerg
"Gna, schon wieder Seti [...] Dabei ist es schon schwierig genug, auf
*diesem* Planeten intelligentes Leben zu finden."
[Charly Kuehnast in dasr]

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