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Re: commercial spam on planet

On 12293 March 1977, Holger Levsen wrote:

> I think we as a project should not tolerate such, agree so, and provide simple 
> filter mechanisms, so that people can continue to have these links in _their_ 
> blog posts, while they are filtered out on http://planet.debian.org

No. I would want it to be the same as with other languages - the feed
owner is responsible to provide a feed that is clean of this.

> What do you think?

I think that the flattr stuff is at best annoying, at worst i cant even
imagine how bad. Especially with the idioticy of many who link to flattr
that tell flattr anything about the people browsing the web - by linking
the image from flattr servers. Stupido extremo.

> How much spam do you find tolerable? Would it be ok if I sell advertisment 
> space on my blog and syndicate this to planet? You know, I need to eat too...

Its on a debian resource, so the DMUP can hold up. Dont make money with
Debian resources. Obviously with flattr you make.

There is a very big grey area though. What about someone writing a book
about Debian? Someone doing Debian for paid work and blogging about it?
They get money from it -> not on planet?

I think it depends on the amount of it. A one time "hey, i wrote this
book" / "hey, im on flattr, in case you care..." and such should be ok.
Regularly having this at every post -> not.

bye, Joerg (somewhere im having my planet@ hat :) )
While Debian is certainly about beer, and in some cases may even be
about free beer, Debian is mainly about free speech.

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