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Re: commercial spam on planet

Raphael Hertzog, 2010-11-09 10:41:40 +0100 :


> BTW you complain that a flattr image allows flattr to track your
> browsing habits when there are many other stuff tracking you already
> and that are not so "visible", like feedburner.

  I also complain about them, but their existence doesn't excuse adding
more of them.


> While I can understand the privacy concerns, and while I support that
> Debian provides software that by default protect the privacy of users,
> I don't think that Debian needs to have an official policy on this
> topic as far as Planet Debian is concerned. When you're reading blogs
> or any web page, you know that you leave many traces and it's a choice
> of the user about how much to accept, by using or not the extensions
> that are meant to mitigate this problem.

  Let me disagree there.  This argument is similar to the “oh, but you
can always opt-out of our spam^Wnewsletter by clicking here” argument.
Annoying stuff, whether ads or spying, should be opt-in, period.

  If the source insists on making it opt-out, then I'm in favour of
filtering it at the intermediary stage (the aggregator, in this case).

> BTW, I would be happy if I could self-host a feedburner like service
> to gather my stats and avoid leaking that information to third
> parties.  But AFAIK there's no free software doing this currently. And
> I don't want to write it myself. And I need this because I'm trying to
> be professional about my blogging activities and I need figures to see
> how my articles are doing and whether I'm on the right track or not.

  Do I read this correctly as meaning that you consider this spying on
Planet Debian's readers' browsing habits a feature that you use for
professional purposes?  If so, I'm inclined to disagree vehemently with
it.  If not, please correct my misapprehension.

Roland Mas

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