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Re: No general political content on Planet

I can't support a rule like "no political content" on Planet Debian,
because it's a horrily vague standard that could probably be used by
anyone to agitate against any content they didn't like.

Now, if Planet Debian were not running on Planet, but instead on
ikiwiki, it would be easy for anyone to set up feeds excluding certian
authors as has been done on Planet Debian upstream
(http://updo.debian.net/) with eg, its rms-free feed. (Almost all of
rms's posts are political btw, although not near the corner of the
spectrum that triggered this thread.) That might be a better
technical fix than others suggested in this thread, or not.

Anyway, it seems to me that, based on this thread, certian posts on
Planet Debian have had a trollish nature. After all, they've gotten
us calling each other names like "condescending" and "parochial".

see shy jo

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