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Re: No general political content on Planet

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

> The little minus next to someone's name seems to deal with that
> reasonably well if one doesn't feel up to ignoring it.

I get no “little minus” next to anyone's name on the Planet Debian
syndication feed. Are you perhaps conflating the interface-independent
information content of Planet Debian with a single interface to that

Hopefully the suggestion to split non-Debian topics out to a separate
feed (or, equivalently, to provide a Debian-topics-only feed which is
the only one provided on Planet Debian) will be followed more often.

> Meeting one's fellow developer in person also (at least for me) helped
> a lot in turning random political content I strongly disagree with
> from something that pissed me off into something that just makes me
> roll my eyes and remember the good conversation we had. :)

Agreed. Others have expressed the position that reading occasional
non-Debian posts in the Planet Debian flow helps to relate to other
members as people with lives outside Debian; that seems something of
value that we should be careful not to sacrifice cheaply.

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