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Re: FOSSASIA: MiniDebConf Vietnam

Hi Andreas (and others),

On Sat, Oct 16, 2010 at 05:34:41PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
I would like to give some information about Mini DebConf in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam [1,2]. The reason why I'm writing here is that I had to cancel my participation but it would be a shame that we - Debian as a project - would be fail in supporting the offspring of a new community in Asia.

This is bad news :-(

Promotion of Debian Pure Blends is important. I have thus decided[1] to join the Vietnam MiniDebconf, and have proposed there to replace you in giving a talk on Debian Pure Blends.

It won't be a presentation like yours[2], although I intend to try include as many of your fine points grown from years of preaching as I can.

Any notes of yours, e.g. sources for your own presentation, would be much appreciated. I suggest you post such info at the blends list (rather than here or in private).

Also, if you could acknowledge this "take-over" that would be nice too: I have requested Debian sponsorship for my trip, and (as I understood him) our DPL would like a formal statement when reassigning money already granted to you. Please cc leader@ if you agree on doing that.

Kind regards, and good luck with whatever made you cancel your trip,

 - Jonas

[1] More accurately reredecided: At Debconf10 in NYC I decided to go, then decided not to go when I got back home and my girlfriend had fallen in love with a new house - same weekend as the Vietnam MiniDebconf we are moving a few kilometers to a ~250 year old cottage house: http://admin.sirireiter.dk/blog/entry/08_moving/

[2] A glaring difference is that I will use the not-even-in-Debian-yet Slidy output of Pandoc, not LaTeX beamer :-)

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