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Re: FOSSASIA: MiniDebConf Vietnam

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 12:03:11PM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> This is bad news :-(
> Promotion of Debian Pure Blends is important.  I have thus decided[1] to  
> join the Vietnam MiniDebconf, and have proposed there to replace you in  
> giving a talk on Debian Pure Blends.

That's good news - I'm *really* happy about this!

> It won't be a presentation like yours[2],

Just tell me if I can support your preparation (however, I'm basically
offline until 30. October from today evening on).

> although I intend to try  
> include as many of your fine points grown from years of preaching as I  
> can.

"Preaching" - that comes close to what I'm doing - even if I do not
really like to do it. :-)

> Any notes of yours, e.g. sources for your own presentation, would be  
> much appreciated.  I suggest you post such info at the blends list  
> (rather than here or in private).

[Reply-To is set to Blends list.]
While you can download sources and PDF from my people.d.o/~tille/talks
page I'd recommend logging in into people and fetch the stuff via ssh.
Please mind the common directories


which contain slides and images which are shared between more than one
talk.  I'd recommend looking into the following talks:


The overlap between these talks should not be very high even if the same
topic is covered.  In the last talks I included demonstrations of the
Tasks pages.  Hint:  It turned out to be a very good idea to have a local
copy of these pages on your laptop!

I'm about to prepare another Blends talk for MiniDebConf Paris and will
publish the slides right in time.

> Also, if you could acknowledge this "take-over" that would be nice too:  
> I have requested Debian sponsorship for my trip, and (as I understood  
> him) our DPL would like a formal statement when reassigning money  
> already granted to you.  Please cc leader@ if you agree on doing that.

I'd really welcome if you take-over and hope that sponsoring your trip
will be possible.

Thank you very much



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