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Re: QTS ( was Re: user support - Shapado instance for Debian)

Lars Wirzenius <liw@liw.fi> wrote:
> I am going to be quite blunt. Please be forewarned.


> It is, however, a really bad idea to suggest experimentation should not
> be attempted because it might fail. The failure mode here is not
> catastrophic; there is no need to be excessively cautious. Painting
> doomsday images is uncalled for.

I agree with that.  Enterprise is good and nice to see.  However,
equally, we should not lie and all say the emperor's new clothes are
fabulous if they aren't.  Some people seem concerned that ask.d.n
doesn't connect to current support channels and I feel that's a
legitimate concern, don't you?

Looking more, it would also be very good to let disabled users know
that they can use email lists instead, or log in to get rid of those
evil eyesight and hearing tests (Google's reCaptcha).  How do we do

> This is "stop energy", pure and simple.
> http://www.userland.com/whatIsStopEnergy [...]

Invoking Dave Winer as a support reference is the second biggest sign
that an argument has been lost.

Personally, the only thing I wanted ask.d.n's supporters to stop is
making misleading statements like "ask.debian.net is not there to
replace mailing lists, it is there to add to them".  As zack wrote, it
is a triviality that it does not.

Rather than suggesting people should shut up or making misleading
statements about their concerns, I'd acknowledge the concerns, then
maybe move on regardless, or consider how to address the concern if
it's easy.  Maybe a clear FAQ answer that ask.d.n is user-generated
and any answers should be taken with care is as good as that could be,
or maybe it can be hooked into existing support mailing lists somehow.
I can't do it because I don't see an obvious way to subscribe to all

But ask.debian.net is an interesting experiment, after all.

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